GSoC 2017: Log #5


I have started working on the next project, Jitsi Meet Spot. Jitsi Meet Spot is a video conference application powered by Jitsi Meet, which is suited for a physical conferecne room environment rather than a personal desktop environment.

My job was to set up a HTTP server that receives command from clients, and uses JitsiMeetEXternalAPI to initiate the meeting, or control the conference setting such as muting the auido/video.

The HTTP command consists of two components: command type and arguments. Currently, it is missing the client side application, so the server can be tested by sending curl request.

curl --data "command=<command.type>&args=<arguments>" <targetURL>

The supported commands are:

  1. join conference
  2. hangup
  3. toggle audio
  4. toggle video
  5. toggle film strip
  6. toggle chat
  7. toggle contact list